Consideration goes a long way.



Books are the one true magic of a dreary world.

I will immerse myself in the books of my “to be read” pile in an effort to escape the reality that I do not wholly like at this moment in time.

Imagination is a powerful abracadabra.


The fella who working here just now was asking me if I wanted corn curls but in the process I was bending to check something and wasn’t really listening to him, next thing he say “mind that pants buss you know”.

And laughed.

And the girl laughed.


I want a forever love.

I want a book worthy romance.

I want a breath caught in chest love.

I want toe curling, butterfly in stomach romance.

I want a crazy, exciting love.

I want someone who understands me.

I want a forever love.


Right now I am outside the mall waiting.

Waiting and crying as I message Nard Dog.

The honest naked truth that I have just messaged him has my eyes watering, my eyes sprouting the water that it holds.

I’m tired of not being thought of by the people that should at least consider me.

Right now I am waiting.

I shouldn’t have had to wait, the car would not be empty while you waited.

I am just so tired of waiting.

Don’t worry, I won’t ask again, I’ll find my way home, I’ll fend for myself.

Thank you so much.


You must use your brain.

That was said to me today. Who the fuck are you to tell me to use my brain? Just because you are under pressure with the money that you are not receiving, that does not give you the right to take it out on me. I am doing my tasks exceptionally considering what I met when I started. Take a look in the mirror before you cast aspersions. And you better check your glass house before you throw those stones.