I have never overestimated my chances of being remembered.

My older sister sent me a picture tonight. It’s got someone I know, but the thing is, I am sure he hasn’t got a clue about me. No I am not a stalker, or I should say I have not used my dormant stalker tendencies on him. 
He is related to a job. I know his full name and I could bet a million dollars that he does not even know my first. I am sure as she tells him my name, he would be “Who??” And that is okay. 

I am a behind the scenes girl anyway. Where I can observe unabashedly.

The other day I was assisting someone with a birthday party. It was for a lighter hue. I saw an adult, who I know, from the same work as the man, watching me, trying to figure out where she knows me from. She asks me something related to the task at hand, I had to clarify that I am just assisting. She then goes on to ask if I work in a store that one of her friends own no doubt. I then had to clarify “No, it’s from xxxxxx” “Ooohhhh, yes!” was her response. I have had lengthy conversations with this lady at xxxxxx, lengthy. 

See? No overestimation there.

I don’t mind having little odds and ends job, and I like to witness the judging of the book by its cover, when I know it is so different.

That is a saying for a reason. 

Although it is wrong; it happens


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